Monday, July 25, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life

can you believe today is ten months from the day we met (and haven't parted since)?
I feel so blessed to have you as my partner and best friend.
I've never met someone where I had so much fun even when we're doing nothing~
thank you for bringing not only the true and best side of me out,
but the happiest me.
you make it so easy for me to want to do everything in my power
to make you feel on top of the world~ because you deserve the best!!
you light up faces everywhere you go, and I admire that you always give your all.
love you love you love you love you. don't wake me up from this dream :)
*happy birthday*


sat was japanese day, had lunch at cafe zaiya after apt hunting~ I love their rice balls

I mentioned in my april 27 post to try megu during restaurant week,
I think it's the only place worth it's value actually
(the tribeca location has really fun decor but midtown's super high ceiling is nice too)

I only want to do early dinners from now because it's sooo nice and empty.
(I reeeeally enjoyed alone time. feels like I haven't seen my hun in weeks because of his job~~)

this was so interesting. dark dark chocolate covered in a spicy spice powder

the highlight was the 3rd sake, I want to have bottles of this in my kitchen.
yuzu omoi - looks like limoncello but tastes a million times better.

getting ready together for his party @ gstaad
I love the girls in his crew~ we had sooo much fun~~*

 look who I met!! the winner from my july 12's post, janet~
what a pleasant surprise, sweetest girl~~ such a small world =)

I'm wearing a vintagey inspired necklace from henri bendel
it was my fiance's present to me back for his bday~ am I a lucky girl??

 the necklace reminded me of flea market treasures~
so on sunday, after pho with the boys, bora and I went to 24th street.

 indeed I found this gorgeous brooch. I love baguette/emerald cut

 and this antique earring display. it wasn't for sale, but he was sold for $20 =)

remember when we were kids and used to trade toys or make up?
good bye hermes bangle~~ you are bora's now~~
traded it for a jacket & cardigan and we're both very happy =P
and there's more business to come, B!! haha, so fun~


  1. happy happy bday hanky panky!!and btw, you look gorg pattycakes!~!

    and wat a GOOD trade between you and BO~!!

    ps, this is ur sf friend...AK~! ;)