Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hi hi baby

when starstuff and I get together, I feel like 2 moms talking about their kids..
we can talk about our 2 cats each, for hours....~~ @ cafe grumpy again
(they are known to have probably the #1 coffee in manhattan, located on 20th street)

can  I get this one as my 3rd kitty?? I really want a kitty~~*
white with gray ears and tail?? awwww.. does it have blue eyes??
but 3 cats is officially crazy cat lady even in my eyes...

can I get a baby then?? I went a little nuts at buy buy baby for these footsies =X
for hippo + frog's baby, jacob~~*
(it's really not helping that all my friends are starting to pop em out~~..)

ok no baby yet. maybe 3 years.
so, really? I can't get a kitty???

I think my maternal instincts are kicking in =X


  1. jacob loves the onesies & his eemo... (:
    thanks babe!!!!! <3 we love you!