Monday, July 25, 2011

back to the future

whether I'm freelancing, or doing personal projects,
I match my schedule to work the same hours as my fiance,
which is basically 10~midnight. straight. except I don't work weekends. :x

I feel really really gross if I'm not doing something productive,
and my body has been taking a toll... but I can't stop myself~~.....

so hank just called to make sure I take a 15 min break.
my definition of a productive "break", is blogging~~ =D

I take pride in my projects
(and I can't reveal them all on my blog right now)
so I got really offended when a bitch who barely knows me,
asked if I was "still up to nothing". ???. anyway.


likewise, when it comes to tv, I like to use it as a tool to keep educating myself
(except the kardashians is my guilty pleasure :P)
2 recent documentaries have been about inventors/futurists:

Transcendent Man - about Ray Kurzweil 
an eye opener
(I would watch this one first if you want to watch either or both)

Future by Design - about Jacque Fresco
(the first documentary will help understand how Jacque's ideas are pausible)

they have interesting "concepts" on all aspects of life. 
I'm surprised at how skeptical people are about accepting the things to come,
and I was surprised at myself for not having foreseen just how advanced we really can/will be.

“Design is about demonstrating how beautiful something can be. It has a very profound quality. Design is a way of changing life and influencing the future.”

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