Thursday, July 7, 2011

GIVE AWAY - custom furry portrait

(blogspot account not needed to enter)

my first small cocotrish give away =)
(I got inspired by my family portrait for this idea - previous post)

what - a 4x6 furry portrait of you - original hand painted - on paper, not framed

how - leave your name and email by 5pm friday july 8th via commenting on this post.

winner - I'll have coco (my cat) touch the screen at random.
send an email with your picture/fave hobby/color and U.S. shipping address

great idea to treat yourself for following my blog, or a gift by entering a friend!

this is why I quit my full time job.
creating things 100% from my vision is so satisfying~~
and why I charge [literally] 30x more for freelance work!! - hey, that's the market =T
however, I did get my first commissioned furry project (yay!)
and used the profit to get 7 large canvases as requested on my blog (50% off @ michaels)~
let's see where these furries will go~ ^.^


  1. Pick me pick me!

    Yoon hun park

  2. oo a contest


  3. oooh~ it's been so long since jason and i saw you! we even moved to a new place~ we need to have you over!! i'm entering and maybe we can have it somewhere in our house!!

    Annie Greenberg

  4. :)

    Janet Lau

  5. your best friendJuly 7, 2011 at 9:38 PM

    i have entered.

    and now i am going to sleep.

    hope i win!!!!!!

    how do i maximize spacing?



  6. tiffanie

    here's my emeow:

    i hope i win!! this is to attract coco:
    _ _
    \6 6/
    =\ /=
    /O\ /
    / \ (
    U U )
    (| |)/

  7. Should the winner be an US resident? I hope not!! Pick me please, Patty!! hahaha

    Eunjin Cho *^----------------^*

  8. Want!

    Your future SIL


  9. omg.. your family portrait from previous post is sooooooo friggin adorable. why are you so talented?? it freaks me out ;) hahah jkjk~~ i wants one of your amazing creations!! :)
    <33 yoonmee (

  10. me me me pick me coco!
    johnparklee at gmail