Saturday, July 16, 2011


I asked my unnie for advice on keeping your skin youthful,
and she said her one secret is clarisonic.
I realized my fiance got it for xmas from his sis~
he actually made me try it before, and I don't know what it is about girl talk,
but now I was interested.

just apply your facewash on the brush,
and conveniently use it in the shower on your face.
it beeps to let you know when to do the next section of your face.
for some people - you may break out - so there is a reg brush & a sensitive brush.
your face will be as soft as a baby's butt!! use once a day =)


  1. it's like a nice massage for my face :) love it~ I have the one in pink. xoxo

  2. hmm i wanna try but im scared cuz of what happened to H!!

  3. Hi Trish! Thanks for spreading the word about Clarisonic. We love hearing positive feedback! Cheers!