Monday, July 18, 2011

book of mormon

and more weekend festivities~
(a few weeks ago, kirby requested more personal pics to better keep in touch - =) am I doing a good job??)

pink and I waiting for friends to join.
I saw my fiance tear from laughing..
.. guess it was worth waiting 3 months since we got our tickets in april!

afterwards, it was hard to book a restaurant for 11 people,
but we went to tony di napoli's nearby for hank's impromptu bday dinner =9

my fave activity~ family time at the apt.. resting :)
guess who's back!? us chilling in what used to be his old room~

fyi - we love our coffee table which turns into a dining table for 2.
it's so perfect for city living. you can get it @ lazzoni furniture store in ny

happy birthday twinsie, pattie!!
I will be kind to you and not post some pictures you probably don't remember. ;P

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