Thursday, February 24, 2011

I sell ice in the winter

 a sister blog to my previous feb 3rd 'tribute' post.
(the bottles arrived and they are so pretty, I am hoping he keeps them~)
now I came across this, and am noticing things I would not have before..

Armand de Brignac

Since 1763, the Cattier family has owned and cultivated vineyards in the prestigious Montagne de Reims terroir of the French Champagne region.

Most recently ranked the number one Champagne in the world in a blind-tasting of over 1,000 brands, Armand de Brignac exemplifies unmatched winemaking expertise and a true passion for the art of Champagne. 

Inspired by famed French fashion designer André Courrèges,
each metallic bottle is crafted entirely by hand.

from his "space age" collection

uh oh~ I actually made a "no more bottles" rule,
but can we add these to your (our) collection? =o)
it's so cute~. the one on the right of course ;)

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  1. It's such a pretty bottle
    Send one my way please ;>