Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DiY part 2 - birthday blingbling

the red necklace is part 2 of "DiY - blingbling",
my lastest DiY from january 31.
I simply took a red and black sharpie, and colored the stones!

we are sooo happy because my man sent a message,
"I take care of my baby"
along with 2 bottles of the nicest champagne,
and my favorite green tea crepe cake from lady M!!
to my girl's dinner party @ alta.
it was definitely the sweetest highlight. thank you thank you!!! 

thank you to everyone who came out,
and for all the messages - it was a memorable night~
("crazy" pictures to be posted on facebook at hank's expense)

(oops. blogging out of order)
and thank you to naeem khan's generous office,
for letting me borrow this fabulous dress!


  1. Hi! I was wondering, what is your makeup routine/what kind of makeup do you use? I would love some tips on makeup. Btw, you look great in these pictures! :)

  2. aww cute cute cute!!!
    what a sweeeeeet bf :)))
    and that cake...looks BOMB!