Tuesday, February 22, 2011

across the pond

"The strength of Hervé Léger's eternally smoking-hot bandage dress is instant recognizability. When so many labels blur into one another, that visual power is enviable."
"For the past couple of seasons, the collection, though beautiful, has seemed to stand still." -Marchesa

these are some quotes from style.com,
which I agree with completely about this season.
a lot of my favorite designers have been predictable,
and the rest seem to represent, as a whole, either
NY's commercial control, or London's wild side.
"though beautiful",
not one collection has been particularly exciting this season.
 initially, I was hoping for something more fresh from Mary.
her collections are like herve leger's - recognizable.
however, like marchesa, was it too.. "last season"?
though after I read her review, they had a good point.
and I respect Mary and my love for her prints and colors even more now

 '"It's hellishly difficult to put a placement print on a bias-cut dress," she sighed backstage. Even to those of us uninitiated in the art of printmaking, the challenge presents itself as something like nailing water to the floor."

in addition, her concept of the woman in the room is perfect.
all I want to do is stay home in my spare time and rest right now.

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