Monday, September 24, 2012

soft Patricia Chang dress on Nicole Warne

new post by gary pepper girl!!

doesn't she look so lovely??
I wish I could be my dress right now and visit the Duomo in Milan~~
I love how the swirls echo the architecture - Nicole is brilliant :D


  1. lovely dress- you're so talented. You are going so strong with your design and brand! I hope to meet you one day. You are an inspiration and bring me hope that one day i'll make it! Thanks for your blog! :)

  2. I just posted in my blog Fall/Winter 2012 collection. I'm in love. Honestly.If I could I would eat, sleep, work, party, I would live in your clothes.
    So beautiful!
    I'm glad I found that you have a blog, I'm your newest follower.
    Gosh, I hope this comment doesn't sound weird :)
    I want to say thank you for creating beauty. Keep up the good work!

    xoxo Ra

  3. Love the dress and her! You new collection is beautiful.

    and Patiently waiting for a new post.. :)

  4. i'm a dork and i read like, 50 blogs a day and i stumbled across a coat from your fall collection on lauren conrad's website. it's a shot of peony lim and i have NO idea how photos are supposed to be cited/who gets credit, but thought you should know.

  5. Beuatiful look and stunning scenery.