Wednesday, August 22, 2012

patricia chang's first trunk show

pre-order my next collection at 60% off retail prices!
and of course, all you lovely readers are invited!!!
also, please help spread the word~~ bring all your friends~

looks from the collection will be online for preview the first week of Sept :)

I've never worked 40 straight hours in my life before. O.O
if I stayed up it was for school and it would be broken up for class,
or to hang out with friends at retreats. :P

so please help it all be worth it by supporting the line -
looking forward to seeing all of you there~~
and hopefully in some of the clothes in the future ;) 

thank you! xoxo


  1. O wow i love this! Wish i could go to show my support, but i'm sure a lot of ppl will show up and buy the ish out od yiur clothing because you're very talented, and any lady would be a fierce stylish looker in your clothes. Have fun. yolo. 40 hours well spent :)


  2. Thanks for sharing! I've been reading your blog since you were on Xanga! Unfortunately I can't make the Trunk show. But will you update us with links to looks once its up! I would love to own one of your pieces in the future!

  3. Hello. Would you be willing to put pieces that you are going to sell on your trunk show up on etsy? I wish I could be there, but do not live in NY.

  4. thought u would love this

    Good luck with the trunk show! hope to be able to make it

  5. i don't know if its possible but u should put ur items on rent the runway dot com.... i would totally want to try it on or wear to special events but don't know ill be able to afford to keep it.. :(

  6. so excited to go!

  7. can you preorder without attending this event? I'll be out of town

  8. 60% off retail for prices for your beautiful designs is such a steal!! =( I do not live in the US so I won't be able to attend your trunk show. Will we be able to pre-order online somehow?

  9. Any other way to buy your amazing clothes?