Tuesday, August 7, 2012

hot air balloon ride

over the weekend, bora wanted to check out this fair~
h and I are always down for adventure so off we went!!

the festival ended up being a big contest
we ended up in the mascot, the monster balloon, leaving first
(I was trembling and sweating so much at first but it's very smooth and calm once you're up there)
then all the other balloons have to try to land a bean bag as close to our landing spot as possible

 the views are so fantastic - we took off in NJ and landed in PA :P
saw deer running free, waved to kids in their pools - was really fun.
one small trick plane drove directly at us and then dove right under!! - it was terrifying..

awesome~~ once in a lifetime :)

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  1. OMG.. looks so amazingly awesome. What is this event called? I would def. do it!